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Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath or hamams as they are named, are for many aspects of health, not just for external cleanliness. Before Turkey was established as a separate country, the Romans, Byzantines, and nomadic peoples of the region had their own variations of bathing rituals. These traditions combined, creating a different variation of these ancient bathing habits, The Turkish Bath.

The bather enters the dry heat of a sweating area. Afterwards, the bather begins to perspire heavily because of a wet steam.The skin is then washed with soap and warm water and the muscles massaged. After being scoured and washed, the bather's body temperature returns to normal from swimming in cold water.


12 Islands Cruise

12 islands cruise, a day sailing in a fascinating surrounding. This area named by fishermen as Inside the Darkness, composed of islands and Kapidag Peninsula, adorned numerous bays, more beautiful than one another, is the resort place of blue voyagers.

Yassica Islands, Hamam Bay, Kursunlu Bay, Yavansu, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Tersane Island, Gobun Bay, Boynuzbuku, Gocek Island, Domuz Island, Zeytin Island, Kizil Island, reached via daily tours from Gocek and Fethiye , are also named as "12 Islands" within the region and holds the characteristic of most important attraction area

Koycegiz lake

Koycegiz Lake, located near Dalyan and within a convenient distance of both Fethiye and Marmaris, is well known for its natural hot springs and mud baths.Koycegiz lake narrows into a channel, flowing into the Dalyan River which empties into the Mediterranean at one of Turkey's most spectacular beaches, lztuzu, which is also the breeding ground of the Caretta caretta sea turtle.

Jeep Safari 

Jeep and Truck Safari, in our one day safari we make stops for swimming in the clear fresh 12km long lake, walk around an old ruined village with a mosque, a clear water spring which is the source of a local river, a four course lunch in a restaurant built out of wood on top of a river, a typical Turkish family's house for tea, a secluded beach, a mountain peak overlooking Dalyan, the delta and the surrounding seas, just to mention a few.In between your stops you crash through numerous fords and judder down some seemingly impossible tracks. Go off the between track with our safari lorry. As the wind whistles through your hair you will realy feel that you have finally got away from it all.

Crab fishing

Fishing and Crabbing, sail to lagoon of Candir and cross your fingers as you cast your line.Enjoy a swim and take in the scenery before sailing towards “Hole Island” to try out some sea fishing.Then back into the fresh water system for a barbecue lunch cooking your catch if your lucky.Afterwards there will be time for snorkelling, swimming, strolling along the Beach or just lie back and top up your tan,



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